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Immediately wanted: a new Student in the Human Rights & Psychology Network.

Are you passionate about the intersection of psychology and human rights? The NIP Human Rights and Psychology Network is seeking a dedicated and motivated student to join our ranks as a Student in Section (SiS). Our network is dedicated to the critical issue of refugee rights and aims to increase awareness among psychologists regarding the importance of human rights in their practice. As psychologists, we understand the potential for human rights violations in various contexts, and we believe it’s our collective responsibility to promote and protect these fundamental rights.


Student in Workgroup Human Resources and Psychology

We are in search of a students from various backgrounds and fields who share our commitment to advancing human rights. The chosen student will play an important role as a representative of psychology students within our network. Responsibilities include actively participating in online meetings, which occur approximately once every four weeks, and attending in-person meetings twice a year (locations to be determined by group members). Additionally, there are mandatory meetings in person three times a year in Utrecht with the active members of the SPS-NIP. As a representative, the student will advocate for the interests and concerns of fellow psychology students within the section, ensuring their voices are heard. Moreover, this role involves the task of relaying significant information back to the National Board of SPS-NIP. You will also have the opportunity to actively participate in the organization of various activities and, in time, take on leadership roles yourself.

Student in Section (SiS)

As a Student in Section (SiS) you are the representative of the psychology students in your section. You attend the meetings of your section, which take place approximately once every two months in Utrecht/online. Here you stand up for the interests of the students and provide important information back to the National Board of SPS-NIP. You participate in organizing activities and have the opportunity to fulfill your role yourself.

If you are passionate about human rights, eager to make a difference in the field of psychology, and ready to be a part of a dynamic and dedicated team, we encourage you to apply for this unique opportunity to further your academic and professional journey. Together, we can work towards promoting and protecting human rights within the realm of psychology.

We are looking for:

A motivated student who:

  • Takes this position with enthusiasm.
  • Is interested in the field of psychology and human rights.
  • Does not hesitate to take initiative and can work well together.
  • Is willing to dive deeper in the field and work on human rights and psychology.


This position can be taken up to three consecutive years.


We offer:

As Student in Section, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Gain management experience at a professional level.
  • Learn a lot about the field, training options and other work-related matters in the field of human rights and psychology.
  • Get to know psychologists from the field in an informal way and build a network.
  • Participate in different SPS-NIP activities, including the SiS meetings and Active Member Days, where you meet active student members.


Are you interested? Send your motivation letter and CV to the network coordinator of the National Board of SPS-NIP: or call 06-26512380 for more information.