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Professional Advisors

As a student you probably have some questions about your future, such as “Which study path do I have to choose? What can I do to improve my resumé? How can I prepare myself for an internship or job interview?”

Our Professional Advisors are willing to answer all your questions related to internships, jobs or other questions about your future. Professional Advisors are psychologists who have worked or are still working within the field of Psychology. Do you want to know who our Professional Advisors are or would you like to ask them a question? Make sure your questions is as specific as possible in order to receive a specific answer.

Do you have further questions or want more information about the professional coaches? If so, please contact the network coordinator at

Interested in becoming a Professional Advisor?
Are you a professional interested in becoming a Professional Advisor or would you like more information about this? You can contact the network coordinator at