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Internship Database

It is always a great challenge to find an internship, especially when you are competing with 22.000 other Psychology students. To help all the students in need, the database for internships was created. The online database from SPS-NIP provides an overview with internships that are available throughout the Netherlands and abroad. We strive to search for Psychology internships in every field, for example clinical, neurological, developmental and organisational internships. To have acces to our database, you need to be a member of SPS-NIP.

Provide an internship?
Is your workingplace looking for new, enthusiastic and motivated psychology students to join your team? Mail us at:

Did you find an internship through our database?
From previous findings, the internship database is one of our most used and important services. This is why we strive to optimalize this service. For this reason, we would love to hear your experience of succesfully using our database. Do you know or are you one of those students? Please let us know by mailing: